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    britain's got talent

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    china's got talent 为什么这样翻译
    答:got talent 本意是“有才,有天分“的意思,如:You've got talent.“你很有才”。 所谓 China's Got Talent(中国达人秀),其实应该是“套用/模仿”: 2006年6月21日,America's Got Talent 首次发布, 2007年6月9日,Britain's Got Talent 首次发布...

    英国达人秀为什么叫Britain's Got Talent
    问:英国达人秀为什么叫Britain's Got Talent,而不是UK's Got Talent? Bri...
    答:引Wikipedia: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,[nb 6] commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK) or simply Britain /ˈbrɪ.tən/, is a sovereign state located off the north-western coast of con...
    以different ideas on talent show为题目写 短文
    问:以different ideas on talent show为题目写 短文
    答:alent shows are such a funny thing but also a very remarkable thing. I think talent shows are a good way to find different peoples different talents. And then it’s funny to watch the people who don’t have talent at all. There’s...

    答:George William Sampson(乔治·威廉·桑普森) 国籍: 英国 生日: 1993年6月29日 星座: 巨蟹座 出生地: 英格兰柴郡沃灵顿 职业: 学生,街头舞蹈家(相关团体 A2AA) 乔治·威廉·桑普森是英国沃林顿的一个跳街舞的舞蹈家;并且在2008年“英国达...
    got talent show什么意思
    答:您的问题很简单。呵呵。百度知道很高兴帮助您解决您提出的问题。 原句:got talent show 翻译:达人秀的 The Got Talent show is where dreams take center stage. 在达人秀的舞台上,梦想倍受瞩目。 The night before I was heading for Scotla...

    英文歌,高潮部分好像是it's get to be you ~男声...
    答:Who You Are 播放 歌手:Jessie J 语言:英语 I stare at my reflection in the mirror Why am I doing this to myself Losing my mind on a tiny error I nearly left the real me on the shelf no no no no To lose it all in the blur of the...
    X factor 和 British got talent 有啥不一样?
    答:都是英国的选秀节目 英国达人(Britain's Got Talent )是英国ITV和爱尔兰TV3的一档选秀节目. 英国达人由Anthony Mcpartlin和Declan Donnelly主持, 2007年6月9日到17日每晚播出. 英国达人是一档选秀节目,挑选英国下一个最据天赋的表演者,不管是...
    答:英国达人(又名《英国星光大道》)(英文:Britain's Got Talent),英国独立电视台(ITV)制作的选秀节目,制作人为Simon Cowell。该节目从2007年6月9日起每天播放录影片段,直至同月17日直播总决赛,旨在发掘英国业余表演人才。优胜者不但获得...
    [British's Got Talent]---[英国达人]第一季的主持...
    答:主持人是Anthony Mcpartlin和Declan Donnelly . 裁判是Simon、 Amanda、Piers
    Britain's got talent这里的Britain后面加's,后面...
    答:has got-has have got=have


    Britain's Got Talent (often abbreviated to BGT) is a televised British talent show competition, and part of the global Got Talent franchise created by Simon Cowell.


    Join the Judges and a brand new batch of acts on the official Britain's Got Talent ITV website. Download the App, see the auditions and get exclusive gossip.


    Welcome to the OFFICIAL home of Britain's Got Talent on YouTube. Watch your favourite highlights from the current or previous series of Britain's Got Talent,...


    Britain's Got Talent. 5.4M likes. http://talent.itv.com Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden , David Walliams and Simon Cowell man their buzzers for Britain's Got...


    The latest Tweets from Britain's Got Talent (@BGT). Official Britain's Got Talent. @ replies & tweets using #BGT & #BGMT may be used on BGT on ITV / STV ...


    5 hours ago ... ITV will not be penalised for Amanda Holden's swearing during an episode of Britain's Got Talent. The BGT judge shouted a strong swear word ...


    Britain's Got Talent 2019. This Simon Cowell reality show brings another big hit for ITV. Singers, dance troupes, impressionists, performing dogs, magicians and  ...


    Susan Boyle at the America's Got Talent Champion Finale · BGT megastar Susan Boyle talks starting a family. And says not having kids is her "biggest regret".


    Britain's Got Talent all about ITV talent show, news, gossip and celebrities.


    britain's got talent (often abbreviated to bgt) is a british talent show competition, and is part of the got talent fr...  普通

    join the judges and a brand new batch of acts on the official britain's got talent itv website. download the app, see the auditisno and get ...  普通

    britain's got talent 2019 latest news, results, and spoilers. britain's got talent contestants, judges, auditisno and bgt 2019 live shows ...  普通

    join the judges and a brand new batch of acts on the official britain's got talent itv website. download the app, see the auditisno and get ...  普通

    welcome to the official home of britain's got talent on youtube. watch your favourite highlights from the current or previous series of britain's got ...  普通
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