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    tulsi gabbard

    2019-08-24 18:35 ___ 原创号 -4b4lb1a82tm4

    official website of tulsi gabbard - member of congress serving hawaii's 2nd congressional district.  普通

    2013年10月25日 - candidate for the president of the united states, 2020united states house of representatives, congresswoman, 2012 - presenthonolulu city cou...  普通

    tulsi gabbard for president, official website - sign up, join the campaign, volunteer and donate!  普通

    2019年7月25日 - spsnoored legislation by tulsi gabbard, the representative from hawaii - in congress from 2019 through present  普通

    2017年11月6日 - kelefa sanneh on tulsi gabbard, a democratic representative from hawaii—a charismatic and unorthodox politician, an iraq veteran, and the first hindu in ...  普通

    2019年7月31日 - tulsi gabbard, a democrat, represents hawaii’s 2nd congressional district. gabbard crushed political veteran mufi hannemann in the august 2012 primary, recei...  普通
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